'Guns N' Roses Was Here' retail event to celebrate 'Appetite For Destruction' 30th anniversary

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of Guns N' Roses' debut album, "Appetite For Destruction," the band has
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Queens Of The Stone Age performs latest single from upcoming 'Villains' album

The American rock band, Queens of the Stone Age, just performed a brand new track from their upcoming album "Villains."
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Online Guitar Guide – Free Guitar Lessons

Detailed guitar related information, free online guitar lessons, guitar tabs, basic guitar chord guide, online guitar tuner and more. Guitar guide was made to help guitar enthusiasts and players get the most out of their guitars. Learn the basics of guitar or read about advance guitar techniques. For both advance guitar players and for those who haven't even played a chord in their life, All guitar guide is sure to get you on the path to becoming a great guitar player.
Guitar Basics

Essential guitar fundamentals you need to learn or relearn. Guitar guide includes the ins and outs of your guitar, it's parts, proper guitar tuning, reading guitar chord charts and guitar tablature, musical terms, basic beginner guitar chords and other basic guitar information.
Complete Guitar Chords
Complete Guitar Chords

Guitar chord guide with diagrams for all guitar chord shapes and keys. Includes alternate formations of same chords and all other variations. Visit our how to read guitar diagrams guide for details on how to read chord diagrams.
Guitar Tabs
Guitar Tabs - Guitar Tablature

A compilation of guitar tabs or tablature ranging from beginner to advanced difficulty for different guitar players. Learn how to play popular guitar based songs and develop your guitar skills in the process.
Guitar Tabs Sorted By: Artist | Title | Difficulty
Alternative Guitar TuningAlternative Tuning

Different alternative guitar tuning aside from the common standard tuning. Includes all types and variations of alternate tuning with references to popular guitar players and bands that use them.
Guitar Videos Guitar Music Videos

Music videos of the most popular guitar songs, geared to further your understanding of different guitar techniques and fundamentals. Contains videos from different sources with lyrics and link to guitar tabs or tablature.
Online Guitar Tuners Online Guitar Tuners

Online gutiar tuner tool to help you properly tune your acoustic guitar, electric guitar or bass guitar. Applicable for acoustic, electric and bass guitars tuned to standard tuning.
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