Alternate Guitar Tuning

Alternative Tuning refers to any tuning arrangement other than the standard or normally accepted tuning arrangement for the guitar (E-A-D-G-B-E). Although standard tuning is considered as the optimal tuning for the guitar, some guitarist opt to use alternative tuning arrangement to take advantage of the different chord voicing, pitches, and tones otherwise not possible with a standard tuned guitar.
Standard Guitar Tuning Diagram:
Standard Guitar Tuning
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Other advantage of alternative tuning is that it can make some chord shapes easier to perform while on the other hand making some almost impossible to play. This is mostly true for metal and rock song that take advantage of dropped tuning to pull off fast chord transitions and also used in country, blue grass and finger style methods to produce note progressions otherwise impossible in standard tuning.

Here are charts containing the different alternative guitar tunings for the guitar:

Note: As most guitars are equipped with standard guitar string sets which are designed to be tuned to the standard notes, you may need to use or fit in different types of strings, string gauges, or other components to achieve some alternative guitar tunings. Most alternative tuning especially ones that have all six strings move to the same number of steps or semitones can easily be achieved using a capo.
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