Higher Alternate Guitar Tunings

List of all lower alternate guitar tuning, all strings are tuned up by one semitone. Alteration of your guitars tuning may require certain modifications. For higher tuning there will be significant string tension, some tunings will require thinner gauge guitar strings especially for the first string. 
A common accessory used for higher guitar tuning is a "capo", either a strap-on or clip-on type, which can instantly change your standard guitar tuning to a higher one. Capo's do not increase your guitar's neck strain, although one disadvantage is the apparent decrease in usable frets. Some artist prefer to manually tune their guitars to higher tuning without the assist of a capo so they have more frets to work with when playing.

Higher guitar tuning is commonly used in counrty, acoustic, classical, and ballads as they produce brighter, higher pitched notes and sounds. Also commonly used in finger style guitar and plucking.

Higher Tuning
E high guitar tuning
Strong E unison high string resonance
(see E low tuning)
F guitar tuning F A# D# G# C F Half a step up from standard tuning.
F Bb Eb Ab C F
F# guitar tuning F# B E A C# F# One full step up from standard.
Gb guitar tuning Gb B E A Db Gb
G guitar tuning
(Terz, third tuning)
G C F A# D G One and one half steps up from standard.
G C F Bb D G
G# guitar tuning G# C# F# B# D# G# Two full steps up from standard.
Ab guitar tuning Ab Db Gb B Eb Ab
A guitar tuning A D G C E A Two and one half steps up from standard.
A# guitar tuning A# D# G# C# E# A# Three full steps up from standard.
Bb guitar tuning Bb Eb Ab Db F Bb

Here is a Diagram of the notes of each string per fret on your guitar in standard tuning (E-A-D-G-B-E). This can be used as reference or a chart for note finding and other purposes.

The bottom will be your 6th or thickest string going to your 1st or thinnest string on top.

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