Online Beginner Guitar Basics

Basic guitar fundamentals for beginners and experienced guitarist alike. All you need to know about your guitar, basic guitar music, basic guitar chords, basic guitar tablature, and other essential basic guitar information to get you going on your journey to becoming a great guitar player. Click on an item below to get started:

Guitar Basics Categories:

Basic Guitar Anatomy

Anatomy of a basic acoustic and electric guitar, common uses and description of basic guitar parts, and complete part by part guitar anatomy. This will help you identify which part is which and the different uses of each guitar part. These are basic information and terms an aspiring new guitarist should know.

Basic Guitar Chords

Here are the most basic and commonly used guitar chords. When you know how to execute these simple basic guitar chords, you can literally already play thousands of great guitar songs and create basic guitar compositions just by using these simple basic guitar chords.

How to Read Basic Guitar Chord Diagrams

Guitar Chord Diagrams and basically diagrams showing you how to play a certain chord or shape. It is important that you know how to read these diagrams as they are commonly shown on tablature, music sheets, and music books to illustrate certain uncommon guitar chords.

How to Read Basic Guitar Tabs / Tablature

Guitar Tabs or Tablature is the most easy and user friendly way of communicating and sharing guitar music. Unlike normal musical notation which uses notes and symbols, guitar tabs utilizes easy to understand numbers, characters and formatting, which anyone, even without prior musical knowledge or musical education, can understand.

Glossary of Guitar and Musical Terms

A comprehensive glossary of guitar and music terms commonly used within this site, also includes guitar technical terms and music lingo. Understand and find out the meaning of numerous musical and guitar related terms you might have never heard of.

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